What is Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic laser is a tool used to assist with pain and healing. It can be used after surgeries and injuries to help increase blood flow to local areas, improving healing. For the same reason, it is also helpful for wound healing. Laser therapy can also be used for chronic pain, helping to increase blood flow to those areas.

What to expect

Dr. Anderson is available for therapeutic laser appointments Monday through Wednesday. An appointment can be booked by calling our front office. If you are coming from another clinic for laser, we may call your regular clinic for records to allow Dr. Anderson to be familiar with your pet’s health history. The laser can be done on both dogs and cats. Generally, pets find laser therapy relaxing and tend to enjoy the treatment.

In a typical treatment session, the laser wand is applied to the area to be treated. Depending on the area and the energy being delivered, it can take up to 10 to 20 minutes. We encourage clients to remain with their pets during treatment.

Usually, shaving is not needed and the dog or cat typically does not need to be sedated during the process. We base the frequency and number of sessions on the condition and the response of the animal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (519) 888-6590 if you would like to know how your pets can benefit from our cold laser therapy.